General FAQ

Where does the money from your sales go?
100% of all the proceeds stays in the Fall Branch Historical Society.
Funds are used to host this website, pay annual TN and IRS fees,
and purchase the shirts, hats, etc. Absolutely no funds go for salary.
All our staff are 100% volunteer. We are not paid any type of salary or benefits.

Why am I being charged tax just because I live in Tennessee?

State law requires that any business who has a physical presence in Tennessee
must charge sales tax for orders shipped to Tennessee whether placed online
or from a physical store. We do not have a physical presence in any other state,
therefore we are not required to charge sales tax on orders shipped out of state.
State law allows us to hold 2 events a year without charging sales tax.
This is why we don't have to charge sales tax at Fall Branch Days.

Will you be offering more items?
Yes! As we find items we think you will be interested in, we will be
adding them to the site. If you think we should carry a particular item,
drop us a line at